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Genysis Brand Solutions operates on a campus with over 300,000 square feet across our manufacturing plant, warehouse, laboratory and office space. We are conveniently located 5 minutes from the Salt Lake International Airport (SLC). Our building is designed in quadrants, which enables each area of our process to be controlled more effectively. The receiving area, for example, is separate to quarantine materials for sampling, testing, and release.

Our production area features a mezzanine design for efficient top-load powder filling. 15 packaging lines are individually partitioned to eliminate cross-contamination. Furthermore, all labels are located in a separate, limited access room for proper version control.

Our batching and blending area consists of several individual rooms to further control cross-contamination. The production-grade stainless steel ribbon blenders discharge through a series of screens before being stored.

We have also installed humidity and temperature devices throughout the facility to monitor and record variables that may affect quality.

Quality Assurance International Certifications include:

– Certified Organic

NSF Certifications include:
– Supplier Assurance (Cook and Thurber) cGMP
– Food safety “excellent rated” facility
– Sport / banned substance certified
– Dietary supplement certified