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Simplifying the Supply Chain
4 Apr, 2017. 0 Comments. Uncategorized. Posted By: Katelyn Lewis

It’s Like the 1980s All Over Again – Only Way Better Looking

80s Fashion

When Toyota Motor company revolutionized the auto industry in the early 1980’s by implementing ‘Lean Manufacturing’ and ‘Just in Time’ supply chains; who would have guessed that a Salt Lake City based manufacturing company would follow suit 35 years later to transform the nutritional supplement industry. But that’s exactly what happened.


Genysis Brand Solutions, a turn-key nutritional supplement manufacturer, is now recognized as a leader for the very same efficiencies helped make Toyota the global automotive leader it is today. One key component of that leadership is our innovative supply chain that Genysis Brand Solutions has been able to forge with our supplier partners. The Genysis Supply Chain prides itself in our strategic relationships and ability to source the finest ingredients.


Our purchasing team has the daunting task of managing over 2,500 unique components ranging from bottles and lids; to proteins, flavors and amino acids.  While some materials are more predictable than others, each belong to a category that is closely managed and tracked. Our success hinges on our supplier relationships, which enable us to deliver world class nutritional products to all our clients. For example: Many of the finished products we produce are packaged in bottles. Each bottle has a pressure sensitive label which is applied during the manufacturing process. As we continually work with our partners to reduce costs, we found a way through working more closely with our suppliers to increase the quality of labels at a lower unit cost, while increasing outputs significantly. The total savings for our clients is significant.

Rather than creating tedious, multiple step processes for each individual manufacturing client, we have been able to reduce waste and standardize processes to benefit all our partners. These relationships are cultivated best when we mutually understand one another’s needs and work towards a common goal. A few additional highlights of these relationships include:  Working with our bottle manufacturer to open a facility in Utah to reduce logistical costs and lead-times. This allows to us to pull bottles from a warehouse literally five minutes away from Genysis. This is much better than shipping bottles in from half way across the country.  We partnered with our corrugate supplier to provide daily deliveries and have them manage inventories. We continue to work to assure key suppliers stock and store inventories of components that are replenished upon being pulled for production. This ‘Just in Time’ methodology has been a game changer in our ability to reduce our overall lead-time for our clients and their customers.

Our relationships with suppliers continue to evolve as we strive to better understand our client’s needs.  Meetings are frequently held with suppliers, and clients to collaborate in mutual successes.  Our partners go above and beyond standard business relationships.  Everything seems to run smoothly until the client’s needs change, but this is what makes it fun. Refining and adjusting quickly is what allows us to stay ahead of our competition.


Written by:

VP of Supply Chain, Tom Lund

Director of Supply Chain, Braiden Larsen